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A Deeper Look at the Clash Royale Chest Cycle

If you’re a Clash Royale player, you’ve probably heard of the much-fabled Clash Royale chest cycle. While with many other games, drops seem extremely random, Clash Royale chest drops are more predictable thanks to the algorithm used by the game. While some may see this as cheating, it actually involves some cleverness to use this algorithm—known as the chest cycle cash royale—to your strategic advantage in-game.

The basics

If you’re a beginner, you should know that you’re going to get wooden chest drops in the training camp; this is similar to any other game that features a tutorial level, where low tier items are used to train players how to play the game. Once you’re past this point, that’s when the cycle truly begins.

Another thing worth noting is that the brains behind Clash Royale will occasionally update the cycle either to optimize it or to make it harder for players to game the system (no pun intended), so if you’re truly dedicated to the power of the chest cycle, you should make a concerted effort to keep up with the latest details provided by your fellow gamers in the Clash Royale community for ultimate accuracy.

The full cycle—as in the cycle itself, when you don’t take a player’s specific position within it into account—has 240 chests. That’s not to say that there are 240 different kinds of chests. The cycle itself only involves Silver, Gold, Giant and Magical (listed in ascending order of rarity and value).

Each of the above-mentioned chest types are available at various timed intervals. It breaks down as followed:

  • Silver Chests are available every 3hrs.
  • Gold Chests are available every 8hrs.
  • Giant Chests are available every 12hrs.
  • Magical chests are available every 12hrs.

Unlike the free chests, which drop every 4hrs for every player, these four chests can only be won through your gaming prowess. That means, if you get a gold chest after winning your match, you can only get another 8hrs after that one at the soonest. (Remember, the countdown timer to the next chest must be active for the times listed above to be accurate.)

Out of the 240 chests in the cycle, 180 of those are silver. That means a full 75% of drops are silver. Meanwhile, there are only 21.6% of the chests are gold. Both Giant and Magical Chests make up 0.016% each of the chest cycle, which explains their rarity—especially when you add in the 12hr countdown timer each one has.

For higher tier chests, the chest cycle is more complex and less certain, though as you progress through the game and level up, you have a greater chance of getting a Legendary Chest; at high enough levels, you might get a Legendary Chest at the end of the above 240 chest cycle, which really gives you incentive to level up through the game.

As for Super Magical Chests, the rarest of them all, once you finally get one, they become more common. That said, they will still be less common than the Legendary Chest, which is still going to make them highly coveted even among advanced players.