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Horiyoshi III Yokohama Tattoo Museum

The Yokohama Tattoo Museum was founded by Horiyoshi III in the year 2000 with his own funds. All items shown are from Horiyoshi III’s personal collection. There is a lot to see. Next to Japanese traditional Tattoo equipment from all centuries, many items are original artworks by famous Tattooers from around the world, like Ed Hardy, The Leu Family, Mick Tattoo, Luke Atkinson, Hanky Panky, Lal Hardy, George Bone, and many, many more. He is showing a vast tattoo machine collection alongside tattooed shrunken heads and other tattooed skins and skulls. A lot of original art prints and old photos portraying tattoo history are part of the collection.

Some of Horiyoshi III’s books, clothes and other merchandise along with original artwork and everything you need to start tattooing by hand, is being sold in the Museum shop. It is possible to walk to the masters Studio and get the books signed as well.

The Tattoo Museum is very close to the Yokohama main train station and its open daily from 1PM till 6:30PM. Admission is 1000 Yen. Look into contacts for address and phone numbers. The only time its closed is every first day of the month. If no one answers the door downstairs, please knock on the upstairs door of the Horiyoshi III Tattoo Studio Shin. They will let you in. Thank you.

The Yokohama Tattoo Museum is sponsored by Tattoo Life and Kofuu-Senju Publications .

If you are interested in sponsoring or donating anything to the Yokohama Tattoo Museum please contact us. Thank you for your support.

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