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How to Make Your Own Dart Board

You can easily make your own dart board if you have access to some basic carpentry tools, plywood, cork and paint. Darts is an old game, originating in Great Britain. The players throw small missiles, called darts, at a circular target, to demonstrate their marksmanship. There are two types of dart; Soft tip darts and steel tip darts. Personally, I think that the soft tip darts are the best darts. In this article, I will be explaining how to create an easy, basic dart board. This is a great family project that everyone will enjoy.
To make your dart board, start with piece of half inch plywood. Cut out a circle 19 inches in diameter using a saber saw. Please use all safety measures when using cutting tools, and of course children should always be supervised if they are helping. You will need a piece of quarter inch cork, which can be cut with a matt knife, to put on top of the plywood.The cork should match the size of the plywood disk. You can glue on the cork with contact cement or other adhesive.

Next, draw six evenly spaced concentric circles onto the face of the dart board. Draw lightly with a pencil. There will actually only be 5 drawn circles, with the edge of the dart board as the sixth circle. To make even circles, lightly hammer a tiny nail partway into the center of the disk. Tie one end of a thin string loosely onto the nail, and the other end around a pencil. Draw the string taut and carefully pull the pencil around to draw a circle at each pre-measured spot where each circle will go. Next, paint every other space between the circles, or you could also paint alternating colors using acrylic or poster paints. When he paint is dry, you can then neatly draw or paint on the numbers. Start in the center circle with the number 100, and then paint in descending order, 75, 50, 25,10, and 5 for the outside circle.

Mount your board on a wall so the the bull’s eye, or the center, is 5 feet 8 inched from the floor. Make sure it is hung securely, so it doesn’t bounce from the wall or move from side to side from the impact of the darts. With a strip of masking tape, mark a spot 7 feet and 9 1/4 inches from the wall–this will be your throwing line. These measurements are the regulation standards, and you can adjust them to your needs.

Now that your dart board is finished, here is a basic game of darts you can play. You need at least two people, but there can be any number of people playing. Each player takes their turn, standing behind the throwing line to throw three darts in succession. When a dart sticks in the board, the player gets the amount of points shown on the board. You can play however many rounds you like. The player with the highest score wins.