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Article in the Economist Magazine with mention of Horiyoshi III from may 2012

Article in the ‘Japan today’ newspaper on the ‘Tattoo Night’ event at the FCCJP in may 2012

Article in the U.K. Daily Mail newspaper on the Tattoo Night event at the FCCJP in may 2012.

Brand new video by Kofuu-Senju Publications on Horiyoshi III making silk-scroll painting for the ‘KOKORO’ exhibition at Somerset House 2012.

Japanese Tourist Organisation U.K. – article on the Kokoro exhibition at Somerset house

The Guardian U.K. published this Horiyoshi III Video 20.3.2012 to advertise the Somerset house event.

Somerset House Horiyoshi III Kokoro exhibition 21.3.- 1.7.2012

 Nice article in London’s ’Don’t Panic‘ magazine about the ‘KOKORO’ exhibition and Irezumi in general. Published 27th of march 2012.
BBC World Today  interview with Horikitsune about apprenticing with Horiyoshi III. Scroll to minute 46. Aired 24th of march 2012.

Emerald street has published a nice little something. The Kokoro exhibition was recommended as the number one activity for this weekend. They have 65000 subscribers. Published 27th march 2012. See it here.

Horiyoshi III welcomes everybody to the Somerset house ‘KOKORO’ exhibition on you tube.

Video by Kofuu-Senju Pubications about Horiyoshi III drawing bamboo with ink and brush.

Horiyoshi III video ‘NOWNESS‘ by Johnny Shand Kydd.

Video Interview with Horiyoshi III by Gominekko books.

Video report by the HISTORY CHANNEL about traditional Japanese full body tattoos with Horiyoshi III.

Video by Nahum on Horiyoshi III’s Tattoos with photography by Juan Puente.

Video by the Discovery Channel on Horiyoshi III.

Video of Horiyoshi III tattooing by hand (TEBORI).

Video: Japanese Full Body Tattoo by Horiyoshi III. By Japonica Entertainment.

Old video on Horiyoshi III, Paul Rogers and Mike Malone. From the San Diego Convention.

Video about Horiyoshi the third clothing line Photo-shoot in L.A.

Video on Horiyoshi III’s son Souryou Kazuyoshi tattooing by hand at the King of Tattoo Convention in Tokyo.


Horiyoshi III’s Book Publications:

‘KOKORO’ the Japanese spirit and Horiyoshi III Photobook / published by KS Publishers (limited edition 550)

‘Ryushin Vol.1′ – Line drawings of Dragons and Deities drawn by Horiyoshi III / published by KS Publishers (limited edition 1000)

‘Ransho’ Japanese Tattoo Photo Book on tattoos by Horiyoshi III. Photography by Masato Sudo / published by Rizzoli (out of print)


‘THE NAMAKUBI’ drawn by Horiyoshi III / published by Nihonshuppansha (out of print)

’108 Heroes of the Suikoden’ drawn by Horiyoshi III / published by Nihonshuppansha

‘HORIYOSHI III’ a Biography / published by Grimmelbein-Kitamura

‘Tattoo Designs of Japan’ – drawn by Horiyoshi III /

’36 GHOSTS drawn by Horiyoshi III’ / published by Nihonshuppansha

‘Legacy’: The Horiyoshi III Tradition (photos of Tattoos by Horiyoshi III) / published by Juan Puente

‘Studying Horiyoshi III’: A Westerner’s Journey into Japanese Tattoo / published by Schiffer

‘Bushido’ : Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo / published by Schiffer

‘Tattoos of the Floating World’: Ukiyo-E Motifs in Japanese Tattoo / published by Schiffer

100 demons drawn by Horiyoshi III / published by Nihonshuppansha

‘Horiyoshi III’ – One Points drawn by him / published by Ed Hardy

 ’58 Musha’ – Great Samurai drawn by Horiyoshi III / published by Nihonshuppansha

’100 DRAGONS’ drawn by Horiyoshi III / published by State of Grace

Stockholm Eastasian Museum ‘Horiyoshi III Exhibition’ Catalogue / published by the Eastasian Museum Stockholm (out of print)

‘H3 and Buddhism’ / published by Gominekko


Newspaper and Magazine articles on Horiyoshi III, his Museum shows and other art exhibitions:

Östasiatiska museet

The Art of Japanese Tattoos – by Horiyoshi III

25 August 2005 – 29 January 2006

This exhibition shows new photographs taken by Juan Puente of tattoos by Horiyoshi III (Yoshihito Nakano) from Yokohama, a contemporary tattoo master. Examples of his motifs are symbols such as tigers, peonies, cherry blossoms and carp.
He takes his inspiration from woodblock prints and other objects of art. In the exhibition, photographs of tattoos and the objects of art as well as everyday objects that were the inspiration for the same tattoos are shown together for the first time. When the historical and artistic connections are highlighted there is room for making discoveries and for exciting encounters. It is unique event in the museum world..

For a long time, traditional Japanese tattoos, irezumi, have had close links with Japanese woodblock prints and kabuki theatre, among other things. The remarkable art of the full body tattoo was beginning to take shape in the Edo period (1603–1868) and was part of the city culture that was characteristic of this period in Japanese history. Tattoos were prohibited during the Meiji period (1868–1912). Only after World War II tattoos were made legal in Japan again. In exhibition where the art of the Edo period has been displayed and celebrated, tattoos have often been excluded. In this exhibition we would like to bridge the gap between elite and popular culture and show the way Japanese tattoos work as part of an old cultural heritage. Still today tattoos survive with their strong historical roots.


Japansk tatueringskonst_.
Ma Desheng. Visioner i tusch_.
Blomsterspråk. Växtsymbolik i kinesisk konst_.
Kinesiska mattor_.



by the master Horiyoshi III11 June – 20 August 2006
Tattoo art in Japan has a long tradition. Increasingly popular both here and Asia, it links art history with modern youth cultures and subcultures.

This summer’s exhibition on tattoos and tattoo art has been produced by the East Asian Museum in Stockholm. The exhibition is primarily made up of colour photographs of tattoos that the Master Horiyoshi III (Yoshihito Nakano) from Yokohama has done.

Japan has a long tradition with tattoos. The colourful and detailed full-body tattoos, irezumi (insertion of ink) or horimono (carved object), became popular during the 18th century and had a major push during the beginning of the 19th century.

Recently taken photographs by the American photographer Juan Puente show full-body tattoos by the modern Japanese master Horiyoshi III. Motifs include dragons, tigers, peonies, carp, and historic settings. Like the tattoo masters before him, Horiyoshi III takes inspiration and iconography from woodcarvings and other art and handcrafts.

The exhibition also explains the historic background to the magnificent full-body tattoos that began to take form during the Edo period (1603-1868). Reproductions of woodcarvings and pictures of objects from the East Asian Museum and the Yokohama Tattoo Museum’s collections are also displayed. 

As a companion to the art exhibit, The East Asian Museum and Koala Press have produced the book “Horiyoshi III: Japanese Tattoo Art” to help visitors understand and appreciate the displays.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION | Please contact Lisa Lundström, Curator;; + 46 (0)90 – 786 74 07: Monica von Stedingk, Information Officer;; + 46 (0)90-786 56 08  


Canvas L.A.

Got anything going on this coming Saturday, April 25? Well, you do now. That night, from 8-11 p.m., Canvas Los Angeles will be hosting An Evening With Horiyoshi III, the largest-ever American exhibit of the Irezumi tattoo master’s work. On display will be 10 full body suits, 50 original paintings and the unveiling of the all-new Horiyoshi The Third clothing line, featuring original designs by Horiyoshi himself. And, while the artist will unfortunately be unable to attend, his son, Kazuyoshi, will be on the premises tattooing.

Canvas LA will try to accommodate as many people as possible, but due to the unique nature of the evening, tattoo artists are being given a first crack at RSVP slots. If interested in attending, please e-mail the gallery at


EVENT: Horiyoshi III – Exhibition of Original Artwork

Vanilla Gallery Presents:

Horiyoshi III – Exhibition of Original Artwork

Held: March 18th to April 30th, 2009

Admission is 500 yen


The 58 Musha Wednesday, March 18 – Tuesday, March 31


Namakubi and Ghost Thursday, April 2 – Wednesday, April 15


100 Demons Friday, April 17 – Thursday, April 30


Location: VANILLA GALLERY Kamata Bld.4F ,6-10-10 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo ,104-0061 TEL & FAX +81 3 5568 1233


The Japan Times.

’108 Heroes of the Suikoden’



Tokyo Vanilla Gallery

Friday, Jan. 22, 2010



Closes Jan. 30

Horiyoshi III is the undisputed master of traditional Japanese-style tattooing and has an unparalleled influence on the local and international tattoo industry.

Now 63 years old and in the twilight of his career, Horiyoshi is renowned for his intricate and visually powerful full-body tattoos and highly respected for his dedication to the art of Japanese tattooing, known as irezumi.

He has produced 10 art books, has his own clothing line and is the founder of the Yokohama Tattoo Museum, which displays the collection of tattoo memorabilia he has acquired over the years.

While Japan has one of the world’s richest tattooing cultures, irezumi is — due to the art form’s criminal associations — still seen as a subterranean and inaccessible art.

Fortunately, Tokyo Vanilla Gallery isn’t afraid to hold a show of 108 of Horiyoshi III’s sumi-e (ink painting), each illustrating a different outlaw from the epic Chinese tale “Suikoden” (“The Water Margin”).

The popular depiction of “Suikoden” in woodblock prints during the Edo Period, particularly those of the artist Kuniyoshi, was in a large part responsible for the initial boom in tattoos among common people, many of whom were enamored with the Robin Hood-like ways of the tattooed protagonists.

On Jan. 24, visitors to the gallery also will be able hear the master himself give a talk on Japanese tattooing culture. While many purveyors of traditional Japanese tattooing think it’s cool to work in the shadows, this rare opportunity to not only see Horiyoshi III’s work but also meet the artist is far cooler.

For more information, visit or

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