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The Emerson Espresso Machine Review

The Emerson Espresso Maker is one of the best home espresso machine on the market. It is one of the only machine that will enhance the family’s enjoyment of coffee. Easy to use this coffee maker is very nicely designed. A coffee carafe on one side and espresso maker on the other makes this unit quite convenient.

Top Features

The Emerson Espresso machine comes with all needed items, Filter basket, carafe and lid, nylon filter, espresso filter, espresso handle and measuring spoon. The coffee maker comes equipped with a frothing nozzle so that anyone using this unit can create professional espresso drinks for friends and family.

The Emerson Coffee/Espresso maker has a digital clock and a timer so that once the coffee is made the warming unit will turn off automatically in 2 hours. It is possible to set up this coffee maker and have it make a pot of coffee automatically at any time of day with the convenient auto on timer. A one-year limited warranty is included on parts and labor for any malfunction that the unit may experience.

One thing that must be clearly explained is that you cannot use the coffee and espresso functions of this unit simultaneously unless the unit is plugged into a 20-amp circuit.

The instruction manual that accompanies the Emerson Coffee/Espresso machine is quite easy to use and understand. The instructions for the Espresso part of this unit is a little confusing and difficult to understand but once you have made that first espresso it is an easy unit for anyone who enjoys coffee and espresso.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost of this unit runs $150.00 – $249.00 depending on the size and store purchased at. I give this unit a 4 on the rating scale of 5 for comfortable unit and easy to use.

Be sure to purchase regular grind coffee beans for the coffee unit, as it will brew precise coffee with the proper ingredients. For the espresso unit use freshly ground espresso coffee, you can purchase this in any local coffee shop or grocery store. Be sure to tap the grounds into the filter before attaching it to the unit for brewing. When using the frothing unit be sure that the frothing tip is below the liquid line so that the steam does not blow the milk out of the cup. Be careful, as the steam coming from the frothing unit is extremely hot.

Final Verdict

Keep your carafe clean and the unit clean by running a mixture of one part white vinegar and two parts water through the unit. Be sure you do not put any coffee grounds in the basket during this cleaning process and do not let anyone drink this mixture. The reason why it’s one of the best home espresso machine, is because the unit fill with the same mixture only use one part vinegar and four parts water. Run this mixture through the espresso maker for cleaning. Once you have run the mixture through both areas of the Emerson Coffee maker run a clear pot of water through both portions to clean out the vinegar mixture. You are now ready to make more coffee and enjoy your new Emerson Coffee/Espresso machine.