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What’s the Deal Behind Futon Mattresses?

Futon mattresses are one of those pieces of furniture that just exist – rarely anyone knows where they came from (out of your friend group, anyway). Now’s the time to learn a bit more about the history of the futon mattress and blow your friends away at trivia night next week.

In the Beginning…

While the actual frames for a futon bed aren’t extremely old (1982) to be exact, earlier versions of the futon were invented by the Japanese much longer before a woodworker in Cambridge made the futon/couch combination. A man named William Brouwer was the man who created this composition in 1982. Since he knew the Japanese-made futon mattress was extremely flexible, he thought that putting them into couch form would be like furniture Origami. Brouwer was a man that loved architecture and Japanese design – in fact, he spent a lot of time in Japan, and even studied at Harvard for architecture and design.

His earlier designs included hinging a double-bed, which was composed of three pieces – and there you have it! He made various clever ways of putting this bed together, and folding it like a piece of paper – much like origami. Then, other companies like BedWorks caught up, and began crafting them in numerous countries around the globe.

With Japanese futons, these mattresses were typically laid flat on the ground in the desired room, and then folded up and put away when the room was to be used for something else. Typically, these were quilted mattresses that didn’t come with a large frame to act as a couch.

In Today’s World….

It’s worth stating that the Japanese version compared to today’s version is just a tad different, but the modernization of these futon beds and the best futon mattresses allow many more people to use them in their daily life for an inexpensive price. Real mattresses are going up and up in price because of luxurious and fancy features, while the crappy traditional, coil-filled mattresses are being pegged at a lower price range. Because of this, the best futon mattresses have been able to gain the upper hand on cheaper traditional mattresses and take the world by storm.

Because of the usage in college dorms and for those that want a piece of furniture that doubles within their studio or basement, it’s no secret that inexpensive models have given the name “futon” a bad, back-breaking rep. Companies today have turned this around and have composed futon mattresses out of comfortable materials that aid the sleeper no matter the position. You don’t have to worry about sleeping on that crappy mattress from college again with the refreshed designs currently on the market!

Futon mattresses aren’t just made out of a piece of fabric and some materials stuffed in between – there are some that are memory foam combinations for those that want heavy usage out of their futon mattress. Beyond this, they have traditional material compositions like cotton and polyester blends for those that aren’t looking to spend a lot on their futon mattress. While there are rare wool combinations for those that want super comfortability, we think your budget will naturally go up if you want specific and luxury material compositions. We have to say, though, that these tend to be much cheaper than traditional mattresses, anyway!

The End..

With any product on the market, there are good and bad. Because the history of the futon is still quite new in comparison with other items we use on the daily, it’s frustrating that the “futons are bad for your back” stigma is still around, but it’s expected. Research the best mattress for your back and your sleeping position in order to find the best futon mattress for you and shatter the perception of futons being bad.